Nichiha Siding

Nichiha gives you the power of possibilities™

Nobody sees the world quite like you do. Your sense of style and vision knows no bounds. Nichiha fiber cement cladding products are a perfect match. Because we believe the potential for fiber cement is virtually limitless as well. And we’re proving it everyday. Our ever-expanding offering of textures and finishes lifts buildings of all kinds to new and unexpected places. Nobody delivers the high performance of fiber cement like Nichiha. If you’re planning on building or remodeling just about anything... we’re confident that our wide range of product options will help you unleash a world of opportunities. We invite you to explore the power of possibilities.

Fiber cement has range unlike any other

Thanks to our state-of-the art technology, we can help you achieve the look of cedar with the performance of fiber cement. Nichiha products also come in a wide range of formats from full scale boards down to individual shake. Regardless of what kind of look you’re envisioning, Nichiha fiber cement products all perform to the same high level.

No rotting - No warping - No pest concerns - No delamination

Sustainability comes naturally

Fiber cement products are by their very nature essentially green products. Comprised mostly of FSC wood pulp and fly ash, our products divert waste from landfills and put it to practical use. Sustainability, however, goes far beyond ingredients. Nichiha has a long history of conserving resources and employing manufacturing best practices that make as much sense for our planet as they do for our customers.

We keep it local. 90% of all materials used in our manufacturing process are sourced within 200 miles of our facility. We watch our water. 95% of the water used in making our products is recaptured, processed and used again. We do not waste. Period. 100% of our pre-cured fiber cement scrap is reused.

We don’t add silica. Silica is a naturally occurring compound, and while our products are not silica free, we do not use additional silica in our manufacturing process.

Nichiha has reinvented a look that has endured for centuries

Although the look of traditional wood lap may date back centuries, traditional lap siding simply can’t compete with the science of Nichiha fiber cement.

Nichiboard™ delivers the look of lap and the performance of fiber cement at a price that makes it an outstanding value and an easy choice. NichiBoard™ remains one of our most popular products and continues to be admired by builders and homeowners alike for its low-maintenance and classic head-turning beauty. Both products are resistant to warping, rotting, or falling victim to termites.

Whatever look you’re after, there’s a NichiProduct to help you achieve it

There are many ways to love a shake... NichiShake™, NichiStaggered™ and NichiStraight™. Whether you’re looking for more authenticity or convenience, Nichiha’s core value products have a beautiful solution, NichiStaggered and NichiStraight panels. Like all our shake products they feature the deep contours of cedar grain, but let you choose between classic straight edges or the striking contrasts of staggered edges. Each 4-foot panel goes up quickly, helping to reduce labor costs and speed up installation.

NichiShakes are just like individual cedar shakes in almost every way... except the way they perform. NichiShakes’ individual shake boards are available in a variety of widths to create a visual effect that is indistinguishable from cedar. But, like all Nichiha fiber cement products, NichiShakes are made with more than 50% recycled content and are backed by the best warranty in the industry*.

There’s no end to what you can do with Nichipanel

There’s very little you can’t do with NichiPanels. Available in three convenient sizes and four unique textures (cedar, grooved, smooth and stucco), this product can literally go anywhere and do just about anything. It’s an obvious choice for covering big areas quickly and economically. But that’s just one dimension. NichiPanels also work great for wrapping posts, creating wainscoting, as a ceiling and many more applications where performance and aesthetics collide head on with budget concerns.

Finish the job with confidence and performance

Our fiber cement trim and soffits provide an attractive, trouble-free solution that’s guaranteed to look great for many years to come.