We Take Remodelers Seriously.

Remodeling is dramatically different than new home construction and requires an entirely different service model.  That is why Wilson Lumber has developed a dedicated sales team just for remodelers called PROS.

Why Be A PROS Remodeler?  With a PROS account you'll have a dedicated sales team that focuses on remodelers.  You're salesman can be your single contact for everything, meaning fewer calls to get solutions and answers.  Use cash or charge accounts, with sub-accounts for better job-tracking and better historical data management for invoice retrieval, returns, etc.

We can also offer better pricing regardless of account type, whether it's credit or cash only.  Plus Hotshot delivery, quick outs when you need that extra piece of trim, hardware, or other manageable item.  Our Piggyback trucks can make deliveries in tight alleys to make sure your delivery is where you want it without damage.  Try our Fastlane - give us an hour and we will have small orders pulled and staged by the gate so you can get in and get out quicker. 

We do contractor luncheons where we cover product education on a wide range of items so you can be the answer man for your customer.  If we don't provide something you need, we can find it.  Let us be your source for answers so you can keep your jobs moving forward.