Wall Panels

North Alabama builders are discovering that wall panels offer a great time and labor saving advantage over conventionally framed walls. Wall panels from CBS are designed with the proper roof and floor loads applied and all panels are constructed using proper stud spacing and nailing patterns. Sheathing and a moisture barrier can be applied in our factory, saving you additional time in the field.

Benefits of Pre-Manufactured Wall Panel Components

  • Less lumber is generally required, since studs are designed to support roof and floor truss loads
  • Easy setting with wall panels marked according to placement plans
  • High quality material
  • Square walls
  • Proper nailing patterns

Craftsmanship Through Manufacturing

  • A manufacturing facility creates quality components, often starting with computer-controlled saws, which make accurate compound cuts simple. All component joints fit together tightly in precision jigs. Manufacturing can also be computer-controlled, for faster setup times and efficient production.
  • Weather is not a factor. Production can continue day and night, providing consistent quality.
  • Material shortage delays are less likely, since the entire system is supplied in one package.
  • Callbacks are reduced. Components made with dry lumber are less likely to shrink, warp and twist.
  • Components are rarely stolen from the job site.