More Choices, Better Products, Best Value.

Our Millwork business, like everything else, has certainly seen its share of changes since Mr. Clyde began Wilson Lumber Company in 1949.

At that time, nearly all door and window units were still being constructed by hand at the jobsite, as were many columns, stairways, and moldings. Pre-hung door units, vinyl window units, prefinished moldings, and many other staples and conveniences we now take for granted were either still in their infancy or as yet unheard of. Options were almost as limited as the choices on the early automobiles offered by Henry Ford- "You can have any color you want - as long as it’s black."

Fortunately for today’s consumer, there is now an almost dizzying array of Millwork options in all product lines and at all price levels. Helping our customers select just the right products for their homes has been one of our strengths since 1949. Wilson Lumber stocks more choices than any of our competitors in doors, windows, moldings, and columns. If what you need isn’t in stock, we can special order almost anything from a wide selection of manufacturers. And, since we buy direct from the manufacturer, we can provide these items at a reduced cost to the end user.

We've not only been a leader in bringing new products to our market area, we’ve also utilized new technologies and production methods in order to reduce lead times and costs.

Making the decision of which products to use in your project can be somewhat confusing considering the vast number of choices and price points now available. Our sales staff is one of the most experienced and highly-trained groups in our industry, and their advice is one of the most valuable functions we provide. Let us help make building your home easier by helping you select the right products for your home today!

Wilson Millwork Milestones

  • 1971 - we opened the first prehung door facility in the North Alabama/ Southern Middle Tennessee area.
  • 1981 - we implemented our first computer system; we were one of the first, if not the first, companies in our industry in this area to do so.
  • 1990 - we opened a wood window assembly plant.
  • 1999 - we built a new 57,000 SF Millwork Assembly Plant/Shipping Facility.
  • 2006 - we replaced our existing interior door machinery with new, computer operated, high speed equipment.