Andersen Windows

When it comes to windows, Wilson Lumber is the largest authorized dealer in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee for Andersen Windows and Doors.  We are the area’s only authorized dealer for Andersen’s Dealer Service Network.  And we also carry a full line of aluminum clad windows and doors from Eagle Window and Door Products, a division of Andersen.  If you need a custom window, the Wilson Millwork Division offers state-of-the-art solutions.


Frequently seen in older homes or new homes evoking traditional design, the double-hung window brings in fresh air from any direction. Because it lifts open, remaining flush with the wall, it’s often used in walls adjacent to patios, decks and walk ways.


Like double-hung windows, single-hung windows lift open and remain flush with the wall, but unlike double-hung windows, single-hung windows feature one moveable sash and one fixed sash.


The casement window, with its full-length view and narrow profile, is often found in contemporary-style homes. Because the entire sash opens, it provides top-to-bottom ventilation.


When placed high on walls, awning windows give light and provide ventilation while maintaining privacy. They catch a breeze from any direction, and can remain opened slightly during light rain showers, allowing you to bring the ambience of the natural world indoors. Positioned in a row, column, or against other windows, they create walls of light that are both beautiful and functional.


Sliding windows (also known as “gliding” windows) open by sliding one sash horizontally past another, giving you the advantages of double-hungs with a more contemporary look — perfect for more modern home styles. Like double-hung windows, they are ideal for spaces next to walkways and other traffic areas, since they do not project outward.