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Customer Spotlight: Westmark Construction

If you’re looking for an experienced custom builder to build your dream home, look no farther than Steve West and Westmark Construction. Steve is one of Wilson Lumber’s longest-running customers, shopping at Wilson Lumber as a young lad with his father — also a builder — and choosing to do business with us since founding […]

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El Portrerillo, Guatemala

Have you ever heard of El Portrerillo, Guatemala?

Have you ever heard of El Portrerillo, Guatemala? Of course you haven’t, and here’s how I know: I googled El Portrerillo, Guatemala, and you know what came up? Nothing. It’s tiny, forgotten, needy. It’s been waiting on us. Wilson Lumber has a Caring Team, a small group of employees who meet regularly to determine how […]

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Charles Reeves smiling

Loyalty Starts with Delivering What You Promise

Is loyalty dead? Customer loyalty, employee loyalty, whatever kind. You’ve seen the studies that show that the greatest predictor of loyalty is when a customer has a problem with the supplier and the supplier resolves it well. The same goes for employee relationships. Why is that? Because trust is built. And when you find someone […]

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Mission Statement - To build a successful company that upholds Christlike principles and inspires people to grow.

Why Robb Wilson Ends His Emails with ‘Peace and Grace’

“It says Wilson on the door,” Robb Wilson says of Wilson Lumber, the 2018 ProSales Dealer of the Year. “But it belongs to Christ.” Publicly keeping the faith is one of Wilson Lumber’s most notable qualities. That style fits for a dealer based in Alabama, the state ranked by the Pew Research Center as America’s […]

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