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Engineered sidings, masonry, stone, millwork and other exterior cladding materials are more affordable and more accessible now than ever before.  In many cases they are also low maintenance or maintenance-free, and you can find them all at Wilson Lumber, right here in Huntsville.

Fiber Cement

Nichiha fiber cement siding uses the least amount of silica in the industry but balances it with fly ash. Fiber cement siding is noted for being noncombustible and resistant to melting, sagging, buckling or warping. It resists mold and mildew, and additions of fly ash make a product that’s already insect-resistant nearly insectproof. At half an inch thick, fiber cement sidings are rigid, weigh about 3 pounds per square foot and require professional installation.

Engineered Wood

LP SmartSide sidings and trims are engineered wood products based on wood strands treated through LP’s four-component SmartGuard manufacturing process. The mix of wood, zinc borate, adhesive resins, waxes and a resin-saturated overlay results in light, high-performance 16-foot-long boards that look like cedar yet can withstand weather extremes like intense humidity, hail and even 200-mph wind gusts. Boards, trims and other matching components all cut and install just like wood. However, unlike wood, LP SmartSide products are resistant to termites as well as moisture and its accompanying threats of mold, mildew and fungal decay.


Boral’s TruExterior also uses fly ash but combined it with a proprietary polymer to create yet another class of exterior cladding that emulates wood in all its forms and finishes. It’s noted for its durability, its resistance to moisture and bugs, and its consistent dimensional stability once installed. The fly ash-polymer composite is suitable for contact with ground or masonry, yet despite the siding’s composition, installation requires only regular woodworking tools and techniques. Cut ends don’t require edge sealing, and all planks come pre-primed, ready to paint. It’s even green and environmentally sustainable as TruExterior boasts a minimum recycle content of 70 percent.

Composite lap siding boards and planks and their matching lines of trims, wall panels, and soffit and fascia components are changing how homeowners and builders approach exterior cladding on a home. The look of authentic wood board, shakes or shingles that was once possible only with real, clear, grade A lumber painstakingly maintained is now accessible, durable, affordable and maintenance-free.

High-performance composite sidings are just one example of how exterior cladding and many other essential building components are able to improve how we live while making an architectural statement. That’s our goal at Wilson Lumber—helping you make the architectural statement that defines you and your home while also giving you and your family more time to enjoy just living there. Come visit us at Wilson Lumber. We’re centrally located, just a short drive from points like Guntersville or Gurley, Decatur, Athens, Ardmore or even Fayetteville. Make a morning or afternoon of it, and let our experts on Meridian Street show you just how many options you have to find your perfect exterior solution.