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A structure is only as strong, as secure and as energy-efficient as the components used to build it, and it all starts with the basics. Everything has to meet Alabama’s climate zone and code requirements—R-values, U-factors, and wind and impact ratings included. Just as important, it all has to last in our steamy climate. That’s 213 days of hot, bright sun and about 56 inches of rain a year. Nevertheless, Wilson Lumber has all of your basic building elements to get your job up, under roof and weatherproof.


It’s your first line of defense against sun, rain, wind and anything else that descends from the sky. The challenge is to get it done quickly, on point and on deadline, and that’s where Wilson Lumber can help.
Felt paper underlayment is an important layer of protection for a roof deck both before shingles or other roofing materials are installed and after, when rain can curl beneath the edges of roofing system components to compromise exposed wood. Traditional felts come in 15-pound and the heavier 30-pound weights while many synthetic versions are just as tough and weatherproof. Felt paper, roof decking, shingles and more—Wilson Lumber has them all as well as the tools you need to install a weatherproof roof.


In cooler climes, focus is on keeping warmth inside and cold outside, but for most of the year in the South, the goal is to seal heat out so that air-conditioning systems can keep homes cool, dry and comfortable inside without sending energy bills skyrocketing. Basements, crawlspaces, walls, floors, attics, duct work and even framing joints are all target areas for creating a thermal barrier that will weather not only heat but also the damp of humidity.

Made of air pockets and more spun-glass air pockets, fiberglass is one of the easiest-to-use, most affordable and most effective insulators available. It resists mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus and even can serve as a sound barrier. Whether your job needs bats, insulation board or the slick new gasket sealant insulation, Wilson Lumber has the fiberglass or polystyrene, insulation options that we all depend on for a snug, neat fit.


Wilson Lumber will always have the cement, gravel mix, block, and other masonry products perfect for any project. With all of your masonry tools and supplies handy, you’ll be able to pour that shed footer, anchor those posts for a pole building or fence, lay that walkway, create that patio, cast those stepping stones, pour that driveway or even out a slab to just the way you want it.

Before you begin your next job or project, come to a place where experienced local people understand the unique challenges of building in the Southeast. Come visit us at Wilson Lumber. We’re conveniently and centrally located in Huntsville, and we serve all the surrounding areas. We’re just a short drive from points like Decatur, Athens and Ardmore to our west; Guntersville and Scottsboro to our south and east; or Fayetteville to our north, in Tennessee. It all starts with the basics. It all starts at Wilson Lumber.