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The trick when choosing stains, caulking and adhesives is to make sure you’re selecting the right product for the task and to understand the right way to use it – that’s where the Wilson team can really help.


Typically thinner than paints, stains maintain a level of transparency, bringing out the woodgrain or other textures within a surface for interest. Traditionally, they’ve lent interior mouldings and millwork their enduring luster in every shade—from natural, golden tones of pine or oak to ruddier hues like cherry and deep, dark shades of walnut or mahogany—while helping to seal and protect the underlying wood.

Exterior stains are equally important for protecting unpainted wood used for porches, trim, shakes, shingles and siding, for example, as well as fencing and decking. Even pressure-treated wood can benefit from a protective layer of stain to fend off moisture, rain and UV rays. As part of the process, you get to choose the aesthetics—the color and level of transparency or opacity—from quality brands like Sikkens ProLuxe. A top-performing favorite, Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol SRD, offers eight transparent shades, from the light screen of natural to the deep tones of dark oak and mahogany.

Stains are no longer limited exclusively to wood either. The increasingly popular fiberglass doors that are designed to look like real wood yet aren’t, for example, also require care in selecting a stain that will offer convincing coverage and durability. Products like Therma-Tru’s Same-Day Stain Kit are specifically designed to transform that exactingly engineered fiberglass woodgrain to look like real wood.


Wilson Lumber stocks only the caulks, sealants and insulating foam sealants we’re willing to depend on ourselves—brands like DAP.

Here, you’ll find the paintable acrylic latex caulk you want for clean, simple jobs as well as the silicones and flexible elastomeric sealants you need when a quick, tight seal really matters. Whether you’re plumbing a kitchen and bath remodel and need a Kwik Seal with antimicrobial protection or you keep handy a complete inventory of high-performance exterior sealants like silicone RTV, flexible mildew-resistant butyl rubber or fire-rated intumescent caulk, you’ll find it at Wilson Lumber, from crystal clear window sealant to the 10 shades of weatherproof Dynaflex Ultra.


While caulks form a seal, adhesives work to bind two surfaces together so that they can withstand the torque, shear and flex of everyday wear and tear. In construction, brands like Grip-Rite are consumed by the caseload, especially when it comes to their professional-strength drywall adhesives, subfloor adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and multipurpose adhesives. They’re formulated to work under the most demanding conditions—binding wet wood, frozen wood or nonporous materials, for example. Meanwhile, the right adhesive used in the right application can not only strengthen joints but also eliminate squeaks, reduce sound, bridge gaps, and even eliminate drafts and smoke transmission.

Whatever the job—stain, seal or stick—Wilson Lumber has the pints, gallons, tubes and tubs that every builder—do-it-yourselfer or professional—depends on. Stop by to check out our shelves in Huntsville. Go ahead, and ask our experienced construction professionals about our newest products because when air, water or insects are involved in Alabama or Tennessee, one little tube or tin makes a big difference.