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3 Simple Ways to Winterize Doors and Windows

Guest Post - Friday, January 11, 2019

Winterizing your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a few simple products that you can find right here at Wilson Lumber, you’ll save money on your winter heating bill and stay a little warmer.

1. Caulk

caulking windows

Did you know you should re-caulk your windows and doors every 2-3 years? Caulk will fill cracks and gaps around windows and doors, preventing heat from escaping and keeping warm air inside your home where it belongs.

Which caulk should you buy? We recommend Dynaflex 230, 100 percent waterproof window, door and trim sealant. Dynaflex is very easy to use with a simple caulk gun, and cleanup is easy with soap and water. It’s great for applying inside or outside, wherever you need it.

2. Weather stripping

If you see sunlight peeking through the seal of your exterior doors or feel cooler air when you walk by your front or back doors, you might need to add weather stripping to your door frame. Over time, weather stripping flattens and wears out becoming ineffective at sealing your entryways. Simply adding weather stripping to the sides and top of your doorway will seal the door as good as new and potentially reduce your energy bills. We carry several different weather stripping options depending on the size and type of door.

3. Door Sweep

Like weatherstripping, a new door sweep on the bottom of your door will seal the space between the door and the threshold, keeping out cooler air and also bugs and dirt that might sneak in under your door. Installation is easy with a few simple power tools, depending on the material of your door.

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