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Are New Doors and Windows in Your Future?

Wheelhouse 2020 - Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Families are spending more time working and studying at home these days, but this is more than a passing trend. Many experts predict that even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, families will continue to use their homes more often as multi-functional dwellings for work, school and social activities.

Being at home more has given many homeowners the desire and opportunity to improve the details of their home, and one popular upgrade is new doors and windows. Doors and windows serve many purposes from protection to comfort to beauty. Our Wilson Lumber door and window experts can help you select top-quality doors and windows for every application that look beautiful, are durable enough to function smoothly year after year, tough enough to withstand the elements, and strong enough to keep your home safe and secure.

Here are several factors to consider when selecting doors and windows for your home:

  • The architectural style of the home
  • Styles & Materials
  • Insulating factors that keep out heat and cold
  • Security that will protect the home
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Visible light transmittance

Brands We Love:

One of our favorite door brands is Therma Tru® fiberglass and steel doors. These doors have many beautiful options that add to the curb appeal of any style home – from classic to traditional to contemporary – while being extremely durable and energy efficient. You can choose a smooth finish or a wood grain texture molded into the door, giving the appearance of real wood when painted or stained.

Therma Tru Classic Craft Doors
Therma Tru Classic Craft Doors

Glass options offered by Therma Tru doors is a key benefit. With so many unique glass combinations, Therma Tru can provide a distinctive appearance that will make your home stand out. When combined with Endura FrameSaver®, contractors and homeowners will have confidence in one of the best door packages on the market, built here by the skilled craftsman in the Wilson Lumber Millwork Division. FrameSaver is the original rot-proof wood door frame solution that’s backed by a fully-transferable lifetime limited warranty – though you won’t need it.

When it comes to windows, take a look at the Sierra Pacific H3® double hung window, which also uses a “fusion” technology to improve performance. The advanced H3® Fusion Technology™ is the perfect integration of extruded aluminum, vinyl and wood. Its patent pending design and construction give it an industry-leading seal against the elements. It’s a beautiful window, inside and out, and also extremely durable. It comes in many design options to customize your look.

Sierra Pacific H3 Window Technology
Sierra Pacific H3 Technology

A great door or window does more than just open and close; it adds style to a home and complements interior and exterior accents. New doors and windows can completely change a home or room’s appearance while improving functionality. Let our door and window experts at Wilson Lumber walk you through the process, show you various styles and options, and help you choose exactly the right products for your home.

Contact one of our window and door specialists today at (256) 852-7411.


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