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Building Faster to Meet Demand

Wheelhouse 2020 - Monday, August 23, 2021

We are well into 2021, and the construction industry is still feeling the impact after one solid year of tight COVID restrictions. Over the past few months, the construction and building supply industry has faced numerous historic challenges. As you are aware, Increased demand combined with shortages in construction materials is stoking unusually high lumber prices and creating an extremely volatile market. The news, however, is not all bad, even for builders facing fluctuating prices, a tight labor market and intermittent material shortages. Recent numbers from the Census Bureau on Housing Starts for the Month of July show that new home construction declined a bit in the last report, but overall, new construction is stronger than it was last year, at the height of the pandemic.

“We definitely have a shortage of housing in this country,” said Jeffrey Cleveland with Payden & Rygel, a leading investment management firm, adding there’s also a shortage of construction workers. “Builders can’t build them fast enough, and they can’t get enough labor to put them together,” he said. But what are any of us supposed to do about it? Well, at Wilson Lumber, we believe the best way to weather the current market conditions is by developing a strong relationship with our supply chain partners. That’s why earlier this year we put in place several “build faster” initiatives to help you remain profitable and successful, despite all the challenges in the market.

To help ease the burden on the supply side and keep up with consumer demand, we identified several manufactured products to help speed up construction and build faster. These include floor and roof trusses, our own millwork production lines for interior and exterior doors, and new core products, like prefinished DiamondKote siding, which installs faster than traditional siding products and will save time and money.

Current and future market conditions have contractors struggling to meet deadlines and scheduling requirements. So in addition to time saving products, we also implemented several processes to help you build faster and more efficiently. When it comes to process we rely heavily on our metrics, systems and staff. Our expert sales team assists you with estimating and take offs, and our trained delivery professionals, deliver the right product, on time and in full. Finally, Wilson Lumber also has the ability to leverage decades long relationships with vendors and manufacturers to get the products you need. In many cases, we have been able to get ahead of shortages and even predict them through communication and the loyalty of our supply chain. The relationships we have with our suppliers ultimately helps you manage your projects avoid allocations and adjust quickly to unavoidable shortages. If we see a shortage coming, we pro-actively communicate this to you and help you come up with alternative plans with the least amount of impact to your jobs.
Most importantly, we have confidence in our team and our process, but in the instance we make a mistake, we fix it immediately. We understand that mistakes mean delays on your jobsite. When it comes to your business, Wilson Lumber are the people, the partner and the supplier your want on your team.


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