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Social Media Today Can Pay Dividends Tomorrow

Wheelhouse 2020 - Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Construction Industry & Social Media

It goes without saying that social media is here to stay and many builders, remodelers and contractors are already leveraging it to bolster their businesses, but many of our customers have more business right now than they know what to do with. So, marketing may seem silly, but as we know in our industry, business can be cyclical. Social media is a great tool that can help you stay in front of your customers and clients with minimal effort and can set you up for continued success in any market condition. There are many benefits of utilizing social media, including connecting with existing and prospective customers, as well as employees and subs. We are going to break down the benefits of using social media, how to get started now, to set you up for success in the future, and the different types of content. 

There are an abundance of social media platforms out there and depending on your objectives, you may want to choose others, but for most in the construction industry the lowest barrier to enter with the highest potential yield will be the two main players: Facebook and Instagram. 

What are the benefits of using Facebook and Instagram?

One word, free. Social media is a free and easy tool to use to help promote your business. A business page differs from a personal page, but the principles are similar. 

Using Facebook and Instagram will help with expanding your brand and provide brand awareness. Both platforms are great for engagement, which can help you improve your customer service by answering questions in real time, and showing them you are eager to help. It’s recommended to use both platforms, as they both serve different functions.  

Social Media Can Be A Built In Sales Funnel

Facebook vs. Instagram:

Facebook is largely informational. Users use Facebook to learn about a company. Whether it’s business hours, an address, seeing what services you offer, or inspecting recent projects.

Instagram is about capturing moments. People don’t open Instagram to find out your company’s business hours or to see if their friends used your company for their project. They use Instagram to engage and gain a better understanding of your business through images and video. That’s what makes it so effective for building your brand and growing/sustaining your business.  It is a fantastic place to showcase your work, company culture and personality to help people feel connected to you.

However, many companies make the mistake of treating Instagram and Facebook as one in the same. Content that works on Facebook doesn’t always translate well to Instagram. It’s recommended to test your content on both platforms to see which yields the best performance. 

Now let’s look at the long term impact of using social media.

Prospective Clients:

A prospective client is researching local companies to help them remodel or build their home, the first thing they are going to want to see is picture proof of results. Facebook and Instagram are great tools to share pictures of your latest projects, as well as before and after shots. This is where we say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. These users can also browse through your reviews and your list of services, to get a better understanding of your company and the way you function.


Facebook is a great place for your customers to leave reviews about their experience. In the construction industry, reviews are incredibly powerful. With this being said, it’s very important to respond to all comments, messages and reviews or hide ones that could harm your brand. Ensuring you respond to all public comments that remain visible, positive or negative – shows humanity behind your brand. Responses to negative reviews give potential customers assurance that if there is an issue, you will take their concerns seriously and fix the problems.  Positive reviews offer a chance to affirm competitive advantage messages.

Showcasing Personality:

Social media offers a great opportunity to put a face behind the brand and show what your business really stands for. It’s also a way to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the industry and the work that your company does. 

Easy to Manage:

One of the best aspects of social media is that it’s extremely easy to manage your company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts on the go. There are plenty of free resources and tools available on how to effectively manage and create your social media accounts, taking the guesswork out of it and if you make it part of your routine to snap photos or take a short 30 second video, the content creation can fit seamlessly into your day to day operations.

Your Target Audience is Online:

In the age of new media, when we need information, we immediately go online. The number of people using social media grows daily. Having an active social media presence gives you a stronger foothold in the industry keeping you in front of new and past customers.

How to Get Started:

If you don’t already have them, creating Facebook and Instagram pages is the first step. You’ll want to ensure your pages are up to date with accurate business information including contact methods, and hours of operation. Next, you’ll want to ensure you have a brief yet captivating bio on Instagram, and an effective ‘about section’ on Facebook.  Finally, the most important step is ensuring you are active. Whether it’s one post or four posts a week, it’s extremely important that you do something with your social media to ensure you stay relevant. Below we will share some baseline content ideas. 

Types of Content:

Curated Content

When you are looking for curated content, Facebook is your platform. Not all content on Facebook is original, people share articles from industry leaders, their vendors, or their customers. Instagram is a great platform for high-quality, original photos and videos. 

Company News

Have some big company news? Share it on Facebook! For example, let’s say you are offering a new service, you could share the details on Facebook, and post pictures of the new service on Instagram.

Company Events

Attending an industry event, hosting an open house, or taking part in a local event? This is great content to post on Instagram stories to give your followers a sneak peek behind the scenes, then create a Facebook album with any relevant pictures. 

Company Culture

As we previously mentioned, showcasing company personality is important for potential employees and customers. How do you do this? Post pictures of your team such as an anniversary, birthdays, or retirements. These are all great examples of showing the face behind the brand. 

We hope this is an effective and brief road map on why and how social media is important for the construction industry. At the end of the day, social media is a highly effective tool and a long term investment that offers a great way to stay in contact with prospective and current customers, as well as employees. Social media can be something that you don’t need to invest a ton of upfront resources in during the busy season, but can yield great results during the slower months and when market conditions fluctuate. 


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