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Heather Smith Price - Thursday, April 4, 2019

In 2018 we recognized a need to improve the equipment we were using to manufacture our pre-hung interior door units. The machine was several decades old, and with increased demand it simply wasn’t able to keep up.

So work began on a new machine that would modernize our processes, keep up with demand and improve quality. It took about four months for the custom-built Norfield Eagle Door Prehanging System to be built to our specs, but it’s been worth the wait and an investment well-made. It’s been up and running only a short time, but we’re already seeing improvements in the quality of the doors coming off the line.

man building a door

The Eagle reduces the number of the steps required to build each unit, meaning less room for human error and more high-tech automation. Where the old machine required 3 steps to route for hinges, drill holes for the screws and then attach the hinge with screws, the new machine routes and attaches hinges in one step.

Investing in better technology for our employees and our customers is simply part of how we do business here at Wilson Lumber, helping us give you the best product and the best service.


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