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In Defense of the Wood Deck

Robb Wilson - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Often we only talk about composite decking. And with good reason, there’s a lot of cool stuff out there. Just a few years ago, if you were going to build a deck, it was just a question of whether you were going to step up to Redwood which was a lot more expensive but lasted longer.
wood deck

wood deck

Now with Redwood being harder to get, and so many types of composites, the market is altogether different. But one thing has remained the same. The most common deck (at least in Alabama) is made with good old pressure treated pine.

And before you go thinking that it’s only because of price, consider these reasons (in no particular order of importance).

Natural Appearance

Now, composites have come a long way, no doubt. But I have to say, there is nothing like the look of a well-maintained wood deck. It’s warm, inviting and comfortable.


I could go on and on here but suffice it to say that from and environmental point of view, wood cannot be beat. With responsible logging (did you know that each year in the United States more wood is grown than harvested?), low cost manufacturing and easy recycling, real wood makes a great choice.


Sometimes wood decking contains more strength than its composite cousins. This is not always the case and depending on the application, may not be an advantage. But keep in mind that strength of product is not a reason to use something else.

Color Choices

I’ll bet you didn’t think about this but with a real wood deck, you can stain, paint, seal it whatever color you want. I know, I know, that’s the problem right? that you have to maintain it? Well, that’s true but you know, there really is no such thing as a “no maintenance” product. Anything needs a good cleaning now and then.

So sure, there’s some maintenance involved, but a little work never hurt anybody. And with that little work, comes a great looking, comfortable deck that will last for years and years.


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