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Setting Your Building/Remodeling Company Apart with Marketing – Part 1

Wheelhouse 2020 - Tuesday, November 17, 2020

When it comes to sales and marketing, most home builders are concerned about 3 things:

  • Attracting a greater share of the market. This means appealing to homeowners and home buyers who are currently looking for a contractor.
  • Producing long term opportunities, a fancy way for saying leads. You want prospective homeowners and buyers a year from now to recognize your name and seek you out when they are ready to buy.
  • Establishing and communicating a competitive advantage, or in other words what sets your company apart.
Team collaborating to discuss business goals and competitive advantage

To achieve a competitive edge, you must provide something of greater value than your competition, right? Therefore, you must identify what that “something” is and communicate it to your potential customers. Wilson Lumber can help! We can help you identify your niche, drive leads and promote the products you use to build or remodel homes.

Build Your Competitive Advantage

Let’s start by defining what is a competitive advantage and how you can begin to build one. A competitive advantage gives a company the unique edge over its rivals and the ability to generate greater sales, value and profits. In short, it’s what sets you apart. If you are a general contractor, you need to identify what you do differently than other general contractors. And more importantly, you need communicate those differences effectively.

One way to establish a competitive advantage is to implement and promote different construction processes and techniques such as lean building, high performance, zero defect policy, total cost transparency, energy efficiency or sustainability.

Another way to create a competitive advantage is to promote the unique benefits of the products you use in the project. This is where we come in. Our Wilson Lumber sales team can help you identify the products and selling points that can set your company and your projects apart. Our national brands such as LP siding, Timbertech composite decking, Andersen windows and Therma Tru doors all have very strong brand name recognition, customer confidence and competitive advantage. Plus, you can trust Wilson Lumber, with our decades of experience, to recommend the best product for your project, based on service, quality and performance.

A professional contractor is the most trusted advisor the homeowner has during the building process. Clearly promoting your competitive advantage, focusing your messaging on the homeowner/buyer and being deliberate with your marketing will allow your company to increase market share, generate more leads and improve profitability.

This is part one in a two-part series on improving your marketing. Check back next month for part two.


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