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Heather Smith Price - Friday, May 24, 2019

After 70 years in the business we’ve learned a thing or two about the kinds of products you need on the job. We’ve got the big stuff of course – the lumber and doors and windows that are essential to any new construction or remodel job – but while you’re here picking up that order of lumber or that replacement window, you might also need to pick up a few of these on-the-job essentials:

hardware tools
  • A: Air compressors, like the oil-free, maintenance-free Bostitch air compressor, to power your air tools.
  • B: Bolts, and nuts too, of all shapes and sizes for projects big and small.
  • C: Caulk to seal the deal, whether you like Lexel synthetic rubber sealant or DAP DYNAFLEX Indoor/Outdoor Sealant, find the right seal for whatever your application.
  • D: Downspout extensions to divert water away from the foundation you’ve worked so hard to build.
  • E: Extension cords in several different lengths to make your electric tools reach wherever you need them.
  • F: Felt paper, both regular and synthetic, to add a waterproof layer under roofing shingles.
  • G: Garden tools, from hoses and sprinklers to water fresh sod, to rakes or shovels perfect for landscaping.
  • H: House wrap to prevent rain from penetrating those newly constructed walls.
  • I: Irwin professional grade tools and accessories, whether you need a drill bit or saw blade, chisels or a chalk reel.
  • J: Joist hangers of all strengths and sizes to anchor things like decking, floors and ceilings.
  • K: Kwikset door hardware, whether you need knobs, levers or handles or something fancier like electronic locks for keyless entry.
  • L: Letters (and numbers) for your mailbox. We even have the mailbox if it’s time to replace that too.
  • M: Mouldings to put that finishing decorative touch on your home or project – crown moulding, door and window trim, base mouldings, chair rails and more.
  • N: Nails, the kind you drive with your hand and some for your nail gun too.
  • O: OZCO decorative fasteners to build the pergola or arbor of your dreams.
  • P: Paslode tools including brad nailers, framing nailers and finish nailers, and all the accessories that go with them.
  • Q: Quik Drive auto-feed screws with increased speed and power saving you time and money.
  • R: Roofing nails by the box or by the bucket, 1-inch and 2-inch and a few sizes in between.
  • S: Screws of all kinds from drywall to wood.
  • T: Tiedowns to keep your purchases from flying out of the pickup truck.
  • U: Utility knives and box cutters from retractable to foldable, heavy duty and all-purpose.
  • V: Vise grips so you can get a grip on everything that needs to be done on your project.
  • W: Wet It and Forget It, a miracle-working solution to easily remove moss, mold, mildew and algae from vinyl siding, concrete, wood decks and patio furniture. No pressure washing, no scrubbing. Just like the name says – wet it and forget it.
  • X: eXpanding foam to fill holes and gaps around plumbing, pipes and jambs.
  • Y: Yellawood pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, the best there is and a must-have for any project.
  • Z: ZIP System sheathing and tape for easy weatherization.

So whether you’re looking for some of these things or something else entirely, we’d love to help you out! Come see us or give us a call at (256) 852-7411.


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