Wilson Lumber Cares

Wilson Lumber Cares

The Wilson Lumber Caring Team is the mission arm of Wilson Lumber, charged with utilizing company resources to care for our employees, our community and our world. The team is made up of Wilson Lumber employees who meet regularly to plan how to achieve these goals.

Employee Care

Every Wilson Lumber employee has the opportunity for regular visits with a corporate chaplain thanks to our partnership with Corporate Chaplains of America. Our employees are our No. 1. priority. We are more than a place of an employment. We are a family-owned business who treats employees like family. When a member of our family hurts, we hurt with them, and when a member of our family celebrates, we celebrate too!

Community Care

We love the communities where we do business, and our desire is to give back a portion of what we’ve been blessed with. Each year our Wilson Lumber Caring team chooses a local organization with which to partner to support needs in our community. Our 2022 partner is Next Step Farms. Recent partnerships have included the Downtown Rescue Mission, Lincoln Village and Kids to Love.

Global Care

In 2019, the Wilson Lumber Caring Team expanded its reach to include global missions by partnering with Mission Firefly to adopt a village in Guatemala. Mission Firefly is a local organization that connects villages in Guatemala with businesses and organizations that can help supply clean water, clothing, shelter, education and more.

Through Mission Firefly Wilson Lumber adopted the small village of El Potrerillo, about 45 miles west of Guatemala City. Our work there includes sending teams of employees several times a year to assist with construction projects, medical clinics and youth activities. Recent projects include the construction of a well and water filtration system to provide clean water to the approximately 60 families who call El Potrerillo home.

Collage of Wilson lumber Care workers.